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#WeWantToKnow: Audrey Hyams Romoff of OverCat Communications

#WeWantToKnow: Audrey Hyams Romoff of OverCat Communications


Today I have the pleasure of introducing Audrey Hyams Romoff, founder of OverCat Communications, the full-service communications and event-planning agency that she established in Toronto over 25 years ago. Her agency’s client list is extensive - she’s worked with well-known brands such as Estée Lauder and Beauty Boutique by Shoppers Drug Mart; successfully launched Victoria’s Secret and Crate and Barrel in Canada; and has proudly worked with Fashion Cares (as well as sat on their board), SickKids Hospital, and several other not-for-profit organizations; and that’s just to name a few of the highlights. Audrey is undoubtedly a leading force in her industry, and I knew I needed to get to know her. I’m so glad I did, because I ended up getting to know what a lovely and talented person she is, and I’m pleased to introduce her to you! 

The first thing about Audrey that made an impression on me (aside from her bold, striking eyes!) was her incredible warmth, a notable quality that has been consistent from the beginning - from our first email exchange to our brief introductions while she was actively managing events, to our eventual one-on-one when we sat down together to chat for this feature. We shared a lovely time together talking fashion, fundraising, and our mutual love of dance films (fun fact: Audrey trained as a dancer), and I got to know how Audrey’s path to public relations was shaped, and how she became the successful entrepreneur she is today. 

Working in public relations can be described as requiring the ability to mix business with creativity, and Audrey loves it for this very reason. Her educational background involved studying film before earning a degree in English literature. Audrey was considering a career path in either publishing or advertising, and after graduating she chose the former and worked for a financial publication. From there, Audrey took on a job as a head hunter where she was essentially pitching and selling people all day, and developing that most necessary of skills for when she would later be working in PR. She worked in marketing next, which is where she was first exposed to public relations, and worked for a boutique PR agency for a couple of years before striking out on her own. Armed with experience, confidence and the right amount of chutzpah, Audrey set out to create OverCat Communications. 


I love a good story about the origin of a name, and I was not disappointed when I asked Audrey the meaning behind her brand…OverCat is so named because it’s the opposite of ‘underdog!’ Audrey credits her husband for this stroke of nomenclature genius, and I love it because to me, it reflects Audrey’s determination and confidence; how, aside from the industry contacts she made from her previous position, she essentially took her business from a then-unknown entity and came out on top with the successful company she runs today. The OverCat team consists of about a dozen staff who represent an impressive client list with expertise and efficiency. I’ve had the pleasure of getting to know some of the account managers who work for Audrey and they are the loveliest people, so professional, so helpful - and that comes as no surprise, because you get back what you put out there, and the positive energy that Audrey exudes has attracted some of the best and brightest, creative young minds to work for her. For more about Audrey and her agency, visit OverCat Communications here

Want more? Here’s what #WeWantToKnow, from Audrey herself: 

I can't start my morning without... An extra hot decaf flat white.

I have a weakness for... Boots.

Most people don't know that I... Wanted to be a choreographer.

Currently reading... How To Murder your Life by Cat Marnell.

I want... People to be kinder to each other.

Thank you Audrey, for participating in #WeWantToKnow, it is a pleasure to know you and feature you! 


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