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We Want To Know: Samantha Margolis Fogle of The Mint Agency

We Want To Know: Samantha Margolis Fogle of The Mint Agency


Samantha Margolis Fogle is the President of The Mint Agency, a comprehensive PR and marketing agency based in Toronto. She is a creative and ambitious person who I've had the pleasure of working with, so I can tell you first-hand just how truly passionate and hard-working she is. She's fierce in her convictions, fair in her execution, and she fights for what she believes in. Allow me to introduce you to Sam and share her professional journey with you.

Sam didn't initially set out for a career in PR, and therefore was not formally trained in the field, but she worked her way through a series of related fields, earning herself an experiential education that equipped her well for the role she holds today. She worked hard to get where is and attributes her strong work ethic to her father, the late David Margolis, a founding member of the Winners chain of department stores – he instilled in Sam the same passion and drive to work that he had for himself, and helped her secure her first internship while between semesters at university. Throughout the rest of her university education, Sam held various roles, from a creative assistant at an advertising agency, to working in media and buying at a media planning agency, then taking on a media production placement at a film production company. In her final year at school, Sam took a job at a small PR agency where she assisted with event production and realized that she had found her niche.


After graduating, Sam took time to travel and toured around southeast Asia, and when she returned she was ready to jump right into the workforce, returning to the small company where she first fell in love with PR. She was eager to learn everything she could and was afforded the ability to experience all areas of the business since most of the time it was just her and the firm's owner working together (with the occasional part-time assistant). Sam would really earn her PR chops in this capacity, and especially enjoyed the work she did for clients in fashion, beauty and entertainment. The transition to Mint came about organically – known then as Mint Events, an event marketing company founded by her husband Jordan Fogle, they were frequently hiring each other's services to fulfil a need that the other specialized in, and in 2010 Mint Events would acquire the small PR firm Sam worked for, merging their skills to become a full-service, comprehensive agency, and renamed The Mint Agency. What started as a small firm of about 5 employees has since grown to employ over 30 staff. Sam loves working with her husband, takes pride in growing the business together; they maintain balance by focusing on their strengths, with Sam overseeing PR and Jordan managing events.


Some of the work that Sam is most proud of producing at The Mint Agency was the campaign she co-created in partnership with Chalkboard Marketing for Campbell's. The client wanted to reinvigorate their brand's awareness for the new millennial generation and Sam put a fresh spin on the product by creating an experiential pop-up called The Cantina by Campbell's, where patrons could taste from four original soups crafted by Rock Lobster chef Matt Dean Pettit, who used Campbell's soups to create the recipes. The campaign was a huge success, and not just because it resulted in increased sales, but also because it included a component that gave back to the community – part of the campaign had guests of the Cantina place a sticker on their wall to create a mosaic, and for every sticker placed, Campbell's donated a can of soup to a local food bank. A most rewarding campaign indeed!

These days, Sam is busy in the early planning stages for many of her clients, but the next project of hers that you can look out for is the One of a Kind Show taking place over five days starting March 29th – Sam has worked with OOAK since 2010 and enjoys the work she does to bring the exhibition to the many who attend.

Want more? Let's hear from Sam directly – here's what We Want To Know:

I can't start my morning without... A very big cup of my Nespresso VertuoLine coffee with lots of cream paired with a big family snuggle in bed with my husband, two kids and two dogs. I’ve also gotten really into spinning the last few years and try spend 2-3 mornings a week at Rocket Cycle for a good kick in the butt.

I have a weakness for... Garlic bread. You put a basket/tray/barrel in front of me and I will eat the whole thing.

Most people don't know that I... Love to cook. I spend most of my Sundays meal prepping for the week - half because I have to in order to ensure my kids are fed all week long as I am not around everyday to prepare a healthy lunch and dinner and half because I just love it! I find it very therapeutic to get my hands dirty and try new recipes. Nothing makes me happier than a fridge full of delicious and healthy food ready to go for the week ahead.

Currently reading... Amy Schumer’s The Girl with the Lower Back Tattoo. My husband and I have been fans ever since we saw her on Last Comic Standing way back in the day. And we are both very into Howard Stern and always love when she visits the show. When she came out with her book I couldn’t buy it fast enough but it’s taken me awhile to finally dig in. Her mix of humour and honesty is the perfect recipe for tons of laughs.

I want... To be the best mother I can be. I try so hard to balance work and home life and practice patience on a regular basis. I want to help nurture my children and shape them into good humans who are nice to others. There are so many assholes in this world and I want to try to ensure my children turn out to be the best versions of themselves.   ...Oh, and a new Balenciaga bag!

Thank you Sam, for participating in #WeWantToKnow! 

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