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We Want To Know: Daniel Ocean

We Want To Know: Daniel Ocean


Daniel Ocean has always had an interest in clothing and menswear and was always that guy among his friends to give out style advice, so it's very fitting that he would eventually create a men's fashion blog, the self-titled Mr. Ocean, to share his style tips with a wider audience. Daniel started his blog as a hobby to share his love of menswear has grown into a business and a trusted resource for style, and includes a wide variety of lifestyle topics he's also interested in, from food and drinks to health and fitness, technology, travel and more. He produces top quality content from the photos he posts to the stories he tells, and I was intrigued to learn more about this multi-faceted man. After our conversation I realized that we touched on almost all of the topics he covers on his blog so I thought it would be fun to introduce you to Daniel via some fun facts within each of his categories of interest.

Health & Fitness

It's natural for Daniel to write about health and fitness – he spent 10 years working in the fitness field prior to starting his blog. He covered many areas of the business, starting at the bottom answering phones, and quickly advancing his career to his most recent job in the fitness industry doing marketing for Equinox.

Tech & Auto

Tech is an important topic to Daneiel – throughout his career, no matter what he was doing at any given time, he was always doing web design on the side. This was certainly an asset when it came to starting his own blog! He's taken these skill even further, continuing to do web design and also adding brand consultation to his resume. He also co-founded Platform Media, an influencer agency connecting brands with influencers to create and execute creative campaigns.

Cars are also important to Daniel; he's always been a car guy. He loves to drive and jumps at the chance to be the driver whenever there's a group road trip. At the time we spoke, he would shortly after be on his way to Montreal to pick up a white Mercedes GLK with light grey interior. His ultimate car goal is to one day own a 1991 Porsche 911.

Exploring Toronto

Daniel was born and raised in Toronto, but it wasn't until recently that he started to gain an appreciation for his home city. It's understandable to take a place for granted when you've lived there your whole life, but now Daniel has a new perspective on it. He sees Toronto as a global leader and recognizes the huge impact of its sports and music scenes. He plans to work more localized content into his blog, wants his site to become a go-to resource for all things Toronto. The first in this series of this content will be weekly restaurant reviews, so look out for that coming soon to Mr. Ocean.


Last but certainly not least, fashion and style is a huge component to Daniel's blog and is the core interest driving his site. While you will find a wealth of style inspiration on his blog, I wanted to leave you with a few of his key tips for always looking put together: The #1 style rule he lives by is to keep the look simple and focus on the fit, because a man can look good in anything as long as it's well-fitted. He also advises on only wearing one statement piece at a time. His favourite statement pieces are boots and outerwear.

Fun Facts!

I couldn't help but leave you with a couple of fun facts pertaining to what careers Daniel might have pursued if he wasn't blogging, web designing and managing an influencer agency. He would love to play short-stop for the Yankees, just like Derek Jeter! Daniel is a self-professed sports nut, he listens to sports podcasts and keeps up to date with all his teams. His other potential path is a little more unexpected – he would have loved to be a hairdresser. He admires the magnetic energy that salons have and would love to be a part of it.


Now that you've come to know Daniel, you're never going to want to miss a blog post from him – download the Wantfolio app and follow Mr. Ocean so you never miss a post. You can also follow Daniel's profile and see what he wants – he's enjoying all the great content on Wantfolio and saving everything he wants in an organized manner on his want.boards.

Want more? Here's what We Want To Know about Daniel Ocean:

I can't start my morning without... A cappuccino. I recently addd a cappuccino maker to my kitchen and it's made my life pretty damn nice. Like most coffee lovers, I am absolutely not ready to speak to a single person unless I have at least half a mug in me.

I have a weakness for... Pizza and sporty butts. My favourite thing is to go out for pizza with friends and share wood-fire pizzas and cold beer. And a great butt in a killer pair of jeans, definitely have a weakness for those!

Most people don't know that I... I'm really quite obsessive compulsive. Those closest to me know just how much I am and how it affects my life each and every day. I am a huge neat freak, I shower 6 times a day, I cannot put clothing on unless it's been in the dryer for a few minutes, I vacuum twice a day and every little thing in my apartment has a place. While it can be a tedious way to live at times, it helps me stay focused and avoid distraction. The other is I love classical music. Most of my days are spent at home working while listening to my favourite composers like Chopin and Debussy.

Currently reading... I am re-reading my favourite novel the Shadow of the Wind for the fourth time. Life is so hectic right now that I finding a new book is almost impossible. It's such an eloquent and inspiring novel that it allows me to disconnect from the digital world at times and give myself a gentle reminder that the english language can still be the most amazing form of entertainment.

I want... Oh dear...we may be here awhile. If I have to narrow it down, a month long trip to Bali and a new car. Those are some of my bigger goals for early 2017. I'm a car guy so I have been itching to upgrade and I've really been thinking hard about a getaway to the beach to work and create some great content. I'll take a fresh new pair of Common Projects Chelsea boots too...

Thank you, Daniel, for participating in our We Want To Know series! Check back later this week to see who we'll be talking to next. 

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