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We Want To Know: Roxanne West of Bonjour Bliss

We Want To Know: Roxanne West of Bonjour Bliss

Today I have the pleasure of introducing you to Roxanne West, the content creator of the lifestyle blog Bonjour Bliss. We met a little over a year ago at a conference and I was immediately struck by her vibrant personality, her kindness and warmth. I've gotten to know her more since then, and I strongly relate to and admire her positive attitude, her ambitious spirit, and her inclusive nature. Roxanne is so supportive of other women, and always has an encouraging sentiment to share with a fellow mother, blogger or friend, and it's this you-can-sit-with-us vibe she has that really resonates with me. We recently chatted about her blogging journey and what's next for Bonjour Bliss, and I'm delighted to share Roxanne's story with you.

Roxanne is no stranger to blogging, having started her first blog nine years ago, which in this fledgling industry makes her a veteran in the field. But it would be a while before her blog as we know it today, Bonjour Bliss, would come to be. Roxanne's first foray into blogging was at the age of 19 when she was heading off to New Zealand and wanted to chronicle her travels to share with her family back home. What a good idea that was since she ended up living there for three years! A change in relationship brought her back home and though she had full intentions on returning to New Zealand, a new love blossomed and kept her here in Canada. After only one date with Craig, she knew he was the man she would one day marry, and sure enough, they now have a beautiful life together with two of the sweetest, most adorable children, a daughter, Ella, and son Noah. It was at the time when Roxanne had her daughter that she started Bonjour Bliss as an outlet to talk about life with kids, and share outfits, recipes and family life. Originally called Le Chic du Chic, Roxanne rebranded to Bonjour Bliss, maintaining the homage paid to her first language (Roxanne is French-Canadian and still speaks fluent french). Her blog has grown to become a trusted resource for quality content and information, sharing her tips on traveling with kids, honest product recommendations, beauty hacks, home life, and more.

Something I find most interesting about Roxanne is that she and her husband are renovating their home themselves – I would love to renovate my home so it's fun to watch the progress of theirs. This is actually the second home they're working on – the first was a flip that they lived in during renovations, and as much as they happen to be falling in love with the home they're renovating now, also a flip, it likely won't be the last. Although, they may vert well be in their current home for a while, since the goal for their third house is to build it from scratch and make it their forever-home. Oh, the dream! I would love to do that myself, but for now I'm going to keep tuning in to Bonjour Bliss so I can watch this unfold. That's still a long way down the road, though, so I'll probably be rewarded with more immediate gratification by being an armchair traveler – Roxanne and family enjoy traveling and documenting their trips on the blog. They've been to some incredible places and Roxanne's partnership with AMEX will take them to several more, so stay tuned.

I've been saving the best news for last – Roxanne is launching a YouTube channel!!! Her channel will be an extension of her existing great content; expect to see videos on home life with the family, beauty tutorials on hair and makeup, home decor & DIY, cooking & baking (Roxanne loves being in the kitchen, and the kids love to help!), and follow along as Roxanne and Craig travel around the world introducing their kids to new foods and new adventures. Watch the teaser trailer to learn more about Roxanne's new video channel

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Want more? Here's what We Want To Know about Roxanne:

I can't start my morning without... Snuggles from the kids and COFFEE!! I love starting my morning off with the kids snuggles, they climb into bed with us every night so we both wake up with feet in our face LOL it may not sound glamorous but I wouldn’t have it any other way! As soon as I make my way downstairs the coffee machine is the first thing to switch on before I can!

I have a weakness for… Cheese & croissants if we are talking food world, mix them both - even better lol! I am actually lactose intollerent or sensitive what have you, but I cannot say no to cheese and I’ve tried cutting down on my bread consumption only to fail miserably...I’m French, it’s just impossible! In other matters I have a weakness for projects, I can’t sit still or just have one thing on the go – at our house we have about 3-6 projects on the go, always. It drives my poor husband nuts but at the same time I think he loves all of the cool ideas I throw at him! We just finished a fun nightstand DIY and we are so in love with the outcome!

Most people don't know that I... am a one person team. Whenever I meet other influencers or brands for meetings a lot of the time they think I have a team at home helping me with my kids and running the house and a team behind the blog, I wish lol! Well, I am not sure I do actually since I am a control freak lol!! It’s just me and the kids all day unless I steal my mom for a couple of days a week so I can manage a quiet shower or hit meetings in the city. One day I am hoping to add to my team but for now it’s just moi!

Currently reading... The Magnolia Story, I just picked it up and can’t wait to start reading it! Other than that my reading consists of kids books when reading to the kids, emails, blogs & recipes!

I want... To build our next house!! Right now we are on the hunt for land to buy and it’s a tough market out there!

Many thanks to Roxanne for participating in our We Want To Know series! Check back later this week to see who we'll be talking to next. 

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