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We Want To Know: Syed Sohail of The Prep Guy

We Want To Know: Syed Sohail of The Prep Guy

Have you ever spoken with someone for the first time and the conversation flowed so easily it felt like you were chatting with an old friend? That was what it was like talking to Syed Sohail, mens style blogger behind the blog The Prep Guy. We had such a good conversation talking about how The Prep Guy was conceived, what else Syed is working on, his fall/winter style trends, and throughout our chat we even found out we know someone in common! If you're not already familiar with Syed, then it's my pleasure to introduce him to you.

Syed started The Prep Guy (or TPG) quietly as a private style journal to catalogue his outfits and to keep track of clothing and accessories that he eventually wanted to purchase. He eventually showed his site to some university friends who suggested he take it public, and lucky for us that he took their advice because since then The Prep Guy has become a trusted style resource for a large and loyal audience of readers. Syed has grown his blog over the last couple of years to offer more than just style – his readers can also expect to find info on the latest runway shows, grooming tips, favourite brands and products that he's tried and loved. And it doesn't stop there – Syed will soon be launching TPG Culture, a dedicated hub for the prepster who also has an interest in entertainment, travel, and home.

When he's not creating content for his blog, Syed is focusing on his studies at university, working towards a degree in business studies with a major in marketing. Eventually, Syed would like to have a fulfilling career that combines his love of fashion with his degree, working in marketing & PR in the fashion industry. I have no doubt that he'll succeed as he's already proven himself to be an influential writer and content creator on men's style topics, not just on his own blog, but he has also written articles for The Huffington Post, he participated on a panel discussion at Spark Sessions' blogger conference, and has collaborated with menswear giants such as Harry Rosen Inc (a favourite retailer of his). He's also a leader in his niche blogging community, co-hosting a weekly Twitter chat with other men's style bloggers and organized by Perry Ellis (follow the hastag #GentsChat the first Monday of every month at 5pm EST!).

So, what's next for this prepster? I'm excited to share that Syed is working on sourcing and designing a line of limited edition bowties for The Prep Guy. Syed wants to create something meaningful and special for his loyal readers, so keep an eye out for more to come on this, you won't want to miss out on his exclusive pieces. Launching new products is a passion of Syed's, whether physical or digital – he's also been helping his sister on the launch of her own style blog, aptly titled The Prep Gal. I'm sure he had fun getting this project off the ground – it might surprise you to know that Syed is highly inspired by female bloggers and they constitute the bulk of the blogs he enjoys reading!

Finally, before we hear from Syed himself, I wanted to know what this fashion expert anticipates will be the hottest menswear trends this fall/winter, and without missing a beat he was quick to respond that we should expect to see a lot of shearling this season. Featured on the runways of Ralph Lauren and Prada, shearling and faux shearling will be a big hit, seen in a variety of colours and lengths. Also look out for checks and plaids, they're still popular, as are tweed fabrics, and expect to see brighter colours this season, especially when it comes to wool. 

Want more? Here's what We Want To Know about Syed:

I can't start my morning without... coffee and music! Every morning a put on a fun upbeat playlist on my phone, and run straight to a local coffee shop to wake myself up. My music list typically consists of pop and r&b tracks, depending on my mood, I pick the genre.

I have a weakness for... reality shows! I have a sick obsession with the Real Housewives franchise and more embarrassingly, Love and Hip Hop. I love watching drama unfold, and for some reason, watching wealthy people acting crazy makes me feel somewhat better with my life.

Most people don't know that I... love singing karaoke in my car. Especially when I have my partner in crime, my sister there to duet with me! We’re also quite ambitious, because we always try to hit Mariah Carey’s whistle notes. I’m sure it is not that pleasant to hear but it sure is a fun way to kill time when we’re stuck in traffic.

Currently reading... a ton of text books for school and besides that, I have transitioned to mostly online media. I am obsessed with Buzzfeed! Especially while I am on the train or the subway, I just click through and get lost in their articles.

I want... a gold Versace ring! I saw one on my friend a few years ago at fashion week and knew that I needed to have it! I have an excessive amount of watches and sunglasses, but definitely need to step my ring game up. I also plan on picking up a leather moto jacket this season because they look so damn cool!

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Thanks Syed, for participating in our We Want To Know series! Check back later in the week to see who we'll be talking to next. 

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