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Joyous Health by Joy McCarthy

Holistic Nutritionist Joy McCarthy doesn't believe in dieting. She doesn't believe in calorie counting, nor does she believe in focusing on the number on the weight scale. Joy believes in eating well and feeling well. In her book, Joyous Health, she assures us that we don't need to remove the foods we love from our diet, or feel guilty for eating them. Instead, Joy proposes we add more whole, nutritious foods to our diet. She also states that vibrant health is about more than just food, it is about the way we live our lives.  

The aim of Joy's book is to set us on the path to joyous health. She defines joyous health as "an optimal state of wellness not just physically but mentally and socially." In the first half of her book, Joy offers simple tips for healthy daily habits, how to maintain good gut health, solutions to heartburn and much more. She describes why certain foods are better for us and how they work with our bodies, instead of simply telling us to eat them just because. I found this section of the book the most useful, because understanding the reason why a certain food is good for me means I'm more likely to incorporate it into my regular routine. 

The book includes a handy chart of healthy food substitutions for common foodstuffs, meal planning, and tips for shopping healthy on a budget. Another of my favourite sections of the book that I have bookmarked and refer to often is Joy's list of the "Dirty Dozen" and the "Clean 15" - foods that have the highest level of pesticides (the Dirty Dozen) and foods that have the lowest level of pesticides (the Clean 15). Since buying everything organic can be expensive, these lists identify when it's more or less safe to buy organic vs non-organic. 

The second half of the book is dedicated to recipes. The recipes are accessible, easy to make, and don't require you to shop 10 different health food stores around the city for rare ingredients that you may only use once. I made the Curry-Spiced Kale Chips (pictured above) and the Mashed Cauliflower with Goat Cheese (below) and both were easy to make and tasted delicious. 

For more information about Joy McCarthy you can visit her blog Joyous Health. Copies of her book available here.  

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