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Home Depot Spring/Summer 2015 Preview

Spring is just around the corner and though it doesn't quite feel like it yet, we'll soon be seeing the trees budding and shoots sprouting up through the ground before we know it. We'll be spending more time outdoors and Home Depot wants to help us get our outdoor spaces ready in anticipation of warmer days. A few weeks ago, with the help of four talented designers, Home Depot gave a group of bloggers and media representatives a taste of spring by showing us four different ways to create an outdoor oasis. 

The DIYer

Would you believe that this space was created entirely out of items available from Home Depot?! Look at all that colour and whimsy. Tiffany Pratt is a DIY queen and a glittery, colourful stylist, and she wants us to "think outside the box" when it comes to creating our outdoor spaces. She has led by example in her spring space by using unexpected materials to create recognizable things - colourful flagging tape is used as tassels; nuts, bolts, keys, chains and an electrical box are crafted into a wind chime (below); and painting drop clothes are creatively turned into curtains and cushions. Duct tape is the most important thing in Tiff's life and as you can see, she's used bright variations of it all over her space. Each designer chose a BBQ from Home Depot to incorporate into his/her space and I just love the one she picked - the Weber Performer Charcoal Barbecue - not only can it grill the usual summer fare, but the round grill is large enough to cook a pizza, and there is an attachment for roasting a chicken. 

The Man Cave

Voted one of Canada's Top Handymen, Chris Palmer knows a thing or two about good craftsmanship. He made the wood bar you see here and paired it with a DIY fence made with a metal frame and drop-in wood panels. The flooring is made up of interlocking rubber tiles that are easy to assemble and add a softness underfoot, especially if you are using it to cover a concrete surface. The BBQ that Chris chose for his space has everything - a cupboard for a garbage bin, drawers for grilling tools, a burner on either side of the grill, and can accommodate both propane and natural gas.  

The City Dweller 
by: Tim Lam

Tim Lam is the blogger behind Design Maze and is a knowledgeable resource on creating a big design impact in a small space. Tim's outdoor space for Home Depot incorporates modular furniture that can be used as chaises for two as you see here, but that can be rearranged to create more seating when guests are over. The Martha Stewart bistro table and chairs fold flat for easy storage that takes up little space. Don't let the small BBQ fool you - it holds 10lbs of charcoal so it lasts a long time without having to refill it. It's also really lightweight, making it perfectly portable for taking camping. And you can't beat the price - only $89.99! 

Contemporary Space for the Person with Limited Time

As the deck stylist on HGTV Canada's Decked Out and Disaster Decks, you just know that Heidi Richter's space is going to be stylish. She prepared a space that's easy to put together, perfect for a family that doesn't have time to spend putting a space together but wants to enjoy the outdoors immediately. Did you know that the Home Depot offers installation services? Simply select and purchase your patio items and a crew will do all the work setting it up for you. A couple of stylish tips from Heidi to personalize a space that's been quickly pulled together - layering rugs, and instead of using traditional placemats try using single sheets of mosaic tiles. The Kitchenaid BBQ you see here is exclusive to Home Depot. It's great for a small space and comes in red and black.  

Are all of these designs inspiring you to get your outdoor spaces ready for spring? Then head to your nearest Home Depot and get shopping! And after you've returned home with all your new spring purchases, what are you going to do with all those plastic bags? You'll take Tiffany's advice and use them as the stuffing for your new, DIY tasselled cushions made from drop clothes.  ;) 

For more spring ideas, use the hashtag #springstartshere on social media.  

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