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IDS West 2015: Highlights

IDS West took place in Vancouver this past weekend and I was able to stop in for a quick look before heading to the airport to return home to Toronto. I was in Vancouver for the weekend for BlogPodium and as luck would have it, the two conventions were located in buildings next to each other, allowing me the opportunity to attend both events. This was my first time at IDS West and I was not disappointed! The local retailers and design talent had so much to offer, so much that I wanted to bring back home with me. With only an hour to spare and my iPhone on hand, here is look at the exhibitors that caught my eye: 

The aptly named Seen Signs made sure they did not go unnoticed. I was stopped dead in my tracks by this sign (it was taller than me) and put my coffee and bag on the floor so I could take this picture.  The effect of the sparkling background made it even more alluring. Seen Signs created the "Design Changes Every Thing" sign that was placed at the entrance to IDS West.  

My new favourite decor retailer thanks to IDS West: The Goods.  I wish I took more photos of their booth.  The styling was on point, especially in this tablescape.  Best part? They also have a showroom in Ontario!!! I'll be checking out their Mississauga location for sure. For those in BC, The Goods is located in Surrey. 

Vendors and artisans from Portland, Oregon were well represented with the designated area of the show known as the #PORTLANDPOPUP. One of my favourites was Haejin Lee, a ceramics artist. Because of this display, I want to buy up all her tiny pieces and put succulents in all of them. 

Be still my beating heart! These frames are everything!!! Revamp Furniture Garage was another exhibitor that stopped me in my tracks. 

After having the pleasure of meeting Jennifer Wilson of VONBON children's apparel the night before, I was happy to see her line featured at the West Coast Kids' booth. 

And finally, the show-stopping presentation by Monogram, from their Dinner by Design series produced by the Social Concierge - a three dimensional dining installation. They had several designers' tablescapes on display; a couple of favourites of mine were from Kerrisdale Design Inc. (first picture below) and Live Edge Design (second picture below). 

I'm already looking forward to seeing what next year's show has to offer. Now that I've finally attended IDS West, I'll be sure to make a special trip each year to see it. 

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